Responsible, sustainable farming practice is central to all of our operations, from our animal handling, our products, how we treat our employees, and the markets and communities with which we engage. We are continuously finding ways to be an industry leader by implementing new and innovative technology.

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As one of South Africa’s largest providers of pork, we are tasked with the responsibility of giving our pigs the best care possible.

We are continually investing in ways to improve the welfare of our herds.

Our crate-free and group housing system is one of the ways we ensure the optimal comfort and safety of our animals.


Additionally, we partner with CS Vet Veterinary Consultancy in order to ensure the health of our pigs as well as the continued improvement of their treatment in terms of nutrition and housing.

CS Vet is a company that offers industry-leading veterinary consultancy and quality assurance programmes to pig farms. They also provide animal health services through their nationally accredited laboratory.

For more information, please visit CS Vet’s website:



We are committed to managing and reducing our environmental footprint.

This means implementing environmentally sustainable and efficient practices throughout our whole farming system, including feeding, waste management, water consumption and product distribution.

We regularly conduct assessments to analyse the environmental impact of our manure management.

To ensure that our waste and water management systems are of the best possible quality, we regularly collaborate with Dr James Meyer. A specialist in water quality related to agriculture, Dr Meyer works as a consultant for the Department of Environmental Affairs in Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement.

In addition to his research work related to water quality and agriculture, he has also assisted the pork sector for several years through involvement on the Water Committee of the Premier Pork Producers, and now the Water Committee of SAPPO.

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We strive to create a work environment that is fair, ethical and rewarding for our employees.

Because our employees play a critical role in our success, we are continually looking for ways to provide them with opportunities.

These include education and training to enrich and advance their careers at GHB Farms and the industry as a whole.



This is the cornerstone of our entire system. We supply food that carries a 100% safety assurance. That way, you can be confident that you and your family are enjoying pork of the highest quality – in taste and responsible  production.

Safety starts on the farm where we follow strict protocols to ensure the health of our animals. Our processing plants follow equally exacting
standards to ensure the quality and safety of the products we supply to you.

We work closely with our consulting veterinarians to ensure we adhere to the strictest policies when it comes to medicating our herds with antibiotics. While antibiotics play an important role in maintaining herd health, all our products carry the assurance that they are 100% antibiotic free by the time you buy it in store.

ghb farms food safety and quality



Even after all the measures are taken to grow healthy pigs, nature does take its course and not all pigs survive to maturity. In dealing with these unforeseen deaths, GHB Farms has elected a manner that will aid conservation by donating the mortalities to VulPro, a vulture rehabilitation project. VulPro strives to:

  • Rehabilitate vultures
  • House and facilitate captive breeding and reintroduction programmes
  • ​Implement wild population breeding monitoring​
  • ​Provide vulture educational and awareness programmes​
  • ​Perform ​veterinary and ecological research
  • Undertake distribution, dispersal and foraging ranges of vultures​