hay production

Grass available at competitive prices

We sell high quality Weeping love grass
(Eragrostis curvula)

We sell high quality Weeping love grass (Eragrostis curvula) in 1,2 metre round bales.
By eliminating the middleman, our grass is available at competitive prices.
Our bales are perfect for the use of haymaking, countering wind erosion and even stabilising road or water discharge areas.

What sets our grass apart and ensures an optimum grass yield, is the natural fertiliser and soil analysis we do every year. The fertiliser we use also increases the grass protein percentage, therefore ensuring the quality of our hay. Buying directly from GHB Farms offers you the best value at the best price.

A popular hay variety throughout South Africa, Weeping love grass is very palatable and provides a good amount of fibre without providing too high an energy value for animals like horses. For weaner calves, buying the best quality hay directly affects their live weight gain. Ensure the quality of your hay by buying directly from GHB Farms. Contact us for more info.