Quality assurance

We comply with global standards

We are proud to be certified with Pork360

Good quality assurance is key to complying with global standards.
GHB Farms is a member of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) and certified with Pork 360.

100% quality

Best practices

Global standards

Pork 360, the leading quality assurance and traceability body in South Africa, understands that pig producers need to meet increasing demands for food quality and safety by retailers and consumers.

Being certified with Pork 360 means that GHB farms undergoes regular auditing processes to ensure that animal health and welfare, general herd management and food safety are up to standard. The state veterinarian advises on the compartmentalisation of our units to make sure we comply with government policies regarding health and welfare in the agricultural sector.

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SAPPO serves South African pork producers, like GHB farms, by bringing together the supply chain of the meat industry, government and international interest groups. The organisation, registered with the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC), represents the South African pork producer’s point of view from various platforms.

SAPPO developed the quality assurance system (Pork 360) to maintain best practices throughout the pork value chain. This certification is the South African consumer’s guarantee that everyone, from farmers like GHB farms, to retailers comply with the global standards for pork quality.

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