Responsible operations

Sustainable farming is central
to all of our operations

Responsible, sustainable farming is central to all of our operations

From our animal handling, our products, how we treat our employees, and the markets and communities with which we engage. We are continuously finding ways to be an industry leader by implementing new and innovative technology.

Animal care

We ensure the optimal comfort and safety of all our animals, making use of our crate-free and group housing system, as part of this initiative. We also partner with CS Vet Veterinary Consultancy in order to ensure the health of our animals and strive to continuously improve their nutrition and housing.

Food safety and quality

We supply food that carries a 100% safety assurance, allowing our consumers the confidence that their families will enjoy pork of the highest quality, in taste and responsible production.

Our environment

We are dedicated to continuously improve the management and reduction of our environmental footprint. To do this, we implement environmentally sustainable and efficient practices throughout our whole farming operation.


We work closely with VulPro, the Vulture Conservation Programme, donating our mortalities to this notable conservation effort.

People and communities

GHB Farms has made a conscious effort to continuously improve the daily lives of the people and communities surrounding our farms, where we find the opportunities to do so.