We believe that responsible, environmentally friendly
farming and wildlife conservation are interrelated

Vulture conservation

We work closely with VulPro, the Vulture Conservation Programme, donating our mortalities to this notable conservation effort.

Despite the best efforts and necessary measures taken to produce and raise healthy pigs, even at GHB Farms, nature occasionally does take its course. In order to deal with unforeseen deaths in the most humane and environmentally friendly way, we elected to aid conservation by donating our mortalities to the Vulture Conservation Programme, or VulPro, an important and notable effort in vulture rehabilitation.

As vultures are a key indicator of environmental health, VulPro focuses on the impact of these birds on the environment and, equally important, the environment’s impact on their survival. Combining education, good science, networking, capacity building and knowledge generation for the benefit of both vultures and society, VulPro aims to ultimately influence the well-being of our natural resources and, in this way, positively benefit society.

VulPro strives to:

  • Rehabilitate vultures
  • House and facilitate captive breeding and reintroduction programmes
  • Implement wild population breeding monitoring
  • Provide vulture educational and awareness programmes
  • Perform veterinary and ecological research
  • Undertake distribution, dispersal and foraging ranges of vultures

At both formal and informal venues in South Africa, most notably the rehabilitation and educational centre in Hartbeespoort, in the North West Province, VulPro offers educational talks and interactions for various demographic, age, interest and expertise groups. VulPro, a registered NPC with PBO status, accepts and acknowledges both individual and corporate contributions.

For more information about Vulpro, please visit