Our environment

Keeping our environmental
footprint to a minimum

Caring for our environment

As the global impact of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production is becoming more recognised internationally, GHB Farms is dedicated to continuously improve the management and reduction of our environmental footprint.

Working to reduce our environmental footprint

Sustainable and efficient practices

Quality water management systems

We implement environmentally sustainable and efficient practices throughout our whole farming system. This includes our feeding, waste management, water consumption and product distribution, as well as the contributing efforts of our employees, through the reduction of our impact on water and energy use. One of the biggest environmental impacts of this industry is related to manure production and regular assessments are conducted at GHB Farms, to analyse and improve the environmental impact of our manure management.

To ensure that our waste and water management systems are of the best possible quality, we regularly collaborate with Dr James Meyer, a specialist in the agricultural field, related specifically to water quality. 
Dr Meyer, a well-respected figure in the pork sector, plays a valuable role in the South African pig farming community, including keeping farmers informed about important water issues.

He is currently working as a Technical Manager for Virbac South Africa, while also acting as a consultant for the Department of Environmental Affairs in Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement. He has spent several years involved with the Water Committee of the Premier Pork Producers and, more recently, the Water Committee of SAPPO. Involved in developing the South African Water Quality Guidelines in 1993 and 1996 for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Dr Meyer was awarded the Stander Most Promising Researcher Award in 1994 by the Water Institute of South Africa.

After obtaining his PHD in Physiology in 1998, Dr Meyer was awarded the Bronze medal for his thesis in 2000, by the South African Society for Animal Science. Some of his other achievements include being responsible for the scientific programme at the 10th World Conference on Animal Production in 2008 and co-authoring the book Game Ranch Management 5th Edition.