Food safety and quality

We are dedicated to giving you
and your family the best quality pork

At GHB Farms food safety and quality are the cornerstones of our system

We pride ourselves in supplying food that carries a 100% safety assurance, because we believe that you and your family deserve to enjoy nothing but the best pork, of the highest quality – both in taste and responsible production.

Producing safe and wholesome pork

We adhere to strict protocols

100% antibiotic free when bought at the store

As a proud supplier of the Eskort Ltd, we have been a part of millions of your meals for over 60 years. We take the responsibility of producing safe and wholesome pork very seriously. We are not only certified by Pork 360 certification and a member of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO), but also went the extra mile by adhering to the international standards of the European Commission.

The safety of our pork starts on our farm, where we adhere to strict protocols that ensure the health of all our animals. These high standards are also maintained at the processing plants, ensuring the quality and safety of the products we supply to you.

When it comes to medicating our herds, we work closely with our consulting veterinarians, ensuring our adherence to the strictest policies.

While antibiotics is vital for maintaining herd health, we are dedicated to our promise to you – that all our pork products are 100% antibiotic free by the time you buy it in store.

We are also continuously investigating new, innovative ways to improve our quality.