We strive to better the communities
surrounding GHB farms

Improving the daily lives of the people surrounding our farms

GHB Farms has made a conscious effort to continuously improve the daily lives of the people and communities surrounding our farms, where we find the opportunities to do so. As many of our employees and their families form part of these communities, we are dedicated to providing clean water, renewable energy sources, food and more for them.

GHB Farms has already invested in the communities of Bossemanskraal, Spitskop and Rooipoort, in the Bronkhorstspruit area. To date, we have installed water tanks and solar panels in the people’s homes, to improve the quality of life for them, ensuring that day to day activities and chores became less tedious and more efficient.

We also strive to assist with the safety and development of the youth in our communities, not only with the crèche that we have built thus far, but also with the provision of free WiFi at schools in the area.

As many of the community members are employees at GHB Farms and therefore key to our business success, their health and wellbeing is important to us. Part of our initiatives is to provide for our communities and maximise efficiency at our farms, so we continue to regularly donate food to the people in these communities.

To find out how you or your business can help us improve the lives of our community members, please contact us.