Core pillars

Our core pillars keep our farm well-run.

Topigs research team

Topigs research team strives to push the envelope by developing new technology in the genetics industry.

The team at Topigs Norsvin independently manages the genomics and genetics platform so that we may realise and implement improvements within our breeding environment.  Developing and making use of the latest technology such as genomics, machine learning, and improved statistical models allows us to boost genetic processes. Breeding program managers provide expert advice so that we may implement the best breeding strategy for our needs across all of our farms.

By engaging and partnering with the Topigs Norsvin team, we are able to ensure quality control on the farm. Collaboratively, we work to increase genetic progress in feed efficiency – providing assurance that our pigs receive optimal nutrition.

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GHB Farms Topigs Genetics
GHB Farms Modern Facilities
Modern Facilities

Modern facilities allow us to keep abreast of farming developments and trends.

In order for us to produce the best quality meat, our pens and houses are carefully controlled to ensure that our pigs are housed in a stress-free environment.

85% of pregnant Sows are housed in groups and the conditions are EU Welfare standards compliant. The remaining 15% are housed for eight weeks in crates, and eight weeks in groups.  Within the next five years, we plan to close down our old facility and replace it with a modern farm that allows 100% of pigs to be housed in compliance with EU Welfare standards.


Everything we do on our farm starts and ends with people - Knowledgeable and passionate people.

At GHB, we believe in the ecosystem of our farm and take a human-centric approach to all that we do. We believe that everything begins and ends with passionate and knowledgeable people, who offer their best and ensure that we not only meet but exceed industry standards.

When recruiting staff, we look for a good balance between skill and values. It is important that we appoint people who share our values and who will positively contribute to the culture of GHB Farms. An important factor when recruiting is to try our utmost to support our local communities and, as such, we strive to appoint staff from these communities.

Without the commitment from every member of the GHB team, we would not be able to continue providing high-quality products. We are aware of and appreciate the contribution made by staff and work hard to ensure that the working environment is a safe, healthy, and happy one – offering our staff more than just a job, but inviting them to be part of the GHB family.

Knowledgeable People

Meet our team of knowledgeable staff.

Employees: Our employees are the heart of the farm, we are committed to providing our team with a safe and rewarding work environment, and showing appreciation for their valued contribution to our operations. Our employees demonstrate a commitment to their craft, a superior skill set, and a shared value set so that they may positively impact our work culture and share our vision of delivering a Gold Standard in pork.

Vets: Our consulting vets provide sound advice on the welfare of our pigs, offering expert input as to how to improve their living conditions and produce high-quality pork.

We partner with CS Vet Veterinary Consultancy to ensure the health of our pigs, and the continued improvement of their treatment in terms of nutrition and housing. CS Vet offers industry-leading veterinary consultancy and quality assurance programs to pig farms across the country. Through their nationally accredited laboratory, they also provide animal health services.

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Specialists: We work with agricultural, soil, and water specialists to ensure a standard of excellence at every step of our farming operations.