Keeping our soil healthy for the future of our farm

We believe in caring for our environment. It is important to the future of our farms and enables us to leave an even greater legacy for future farmers. As the global impact of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production is a key topic – both locally and internationally – within the industry, we remain dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. 

We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint by using sustainable and efficient farming practices that include quality water management systems and carefully monitoring the amount of water and pig slurry used in our soil.

We implement environmentally sustainable and efficient practices throughout our farming system. This includes feeding, waste management, water consumption, and product distribution. Our employees have been onboarded so that they too may adopt the approach to environmental conservation in their daily operations. 

One of the largest environmental impacts within our industry is related to manure production. We conduct regular assessments at GHB Farms, analysing and minimising the environmental impact of our manure management.

Soil Analysis

Calcium Analysis

Potassium Analysis

Phosphorus Analysis