We care for our animals in a humane and responsible manner

The comfort and safety of our animals remains a top priority on our farms. As one of South Africa’s largest providers of pork, GHB Farms takes pride in giving our pigs the best-possible care. We vigorously invest in the ongoing improvement of the welfare of our herds.

We handle thousands of animals on a daily basis, and we do so with respect for our animals.

Our crate-free and group housing system is one of the ways we ensure the optimal comfort and safety of our animals. As a member of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) and certified with Pork 360, GHB farms regularly undergoes auditing processes, ensuring that the health, welfare, and herd management of our animals, as well as the safety and quality of their feed, is of a superior standard. Find out more

To help us accomplish our ambitions of providing the best possible care for our animals, we invest in important infrastructure and practices that include:

  • Trained employees for transport and welfare checks
  • Low-density and short-distance transportation
  • Modern animal transport vehicles
  • Standardised transport checks
  • Constant supervision at our operations

We pride ourselves on adhering to the S.A.F.E Standard

The S.A.F.E minimum standards include:

  • Improving the quality of the flooring surfaces
  • Increasing the living space available for sows and gilts
  • Introducing a higher level of training and competence on welfare issues for personnel
  • Providing permanent access to fresh water and to materials for rooting and playing

CS Vet

We partner with CS Vet Veterinary Consultancy to ensure the health of our pigs, as well as the continued improvement of their treatment in terms of nutrition and housing.

CS Vet offers industry-leading veterinary consultancy and quality assurance programs to pig farms across the country. Through their nationally accredited laboratory, they also provide animal health services.

For more information about CS Vet, please visit



85% of pregnant Sows are housed in groups and the conditions are EU Welfare standards compliant. The remaining 15% are housed for 8 weeks in crates and 8 weeks in groups – they are compliant with SA welfare standards (within the next 5 years we plan to close down our old facility and replace it with a modern farm that complies with EU standards.

Antibiotic measuring/benchmarking.

While antibiotics are vital for maintaining animal health, we are dedicated to our promise to you – that all our pork products are 100% antibiotic-free by the time you buy them in-store.