The fourth cornerstone – Excellence – is evident in our products through the uncompromised quality of our pork, rigid commitment to quality and hygiene practices, and the many principles we have in place that offer assurance to our partners at Eskort.

“At Eskort, we place our customers’ health and well-being above all else. It is, therefore, crucial for us to take ownership of every element of the supply chain,” said Eskort’s CEO, Arnold Prinsloo.

Our quality assurance approach is unmatched, we address every link in the supply chain. Our adoption of the SAFE badge conveys our holistic approach to quality assurance.

We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that we excel past what is expected from us on a quality assurance and practice level.

Our Association with Eskort

We are proud to of our lifelong partnership with Eskort

We are proud to be associated with, and to supply quality pork to Eskort since the 1950s.

Our association with Eskort provides added benefit to all of our customers. Our customers are guaranteed that the product they purchase is farmed sustainably and ethically, is of a high and consistent quality, and is wholesome. Should our customers wish to query any part of our process, or a pig’s life, we are able to provide records through our well-documented process of caring for our pigs from birth to departure from our farms.

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