We promise to continue investing in people, infrastructure, and pigs to provide the highest quality meat to our customers.

The Gold Standard

We promise to continue investing in people, infrastructure in and around our farm, and the humane treatment of our pigs so that we deliver nothing shy of excellence and the highest possible quality of pork to our customers, including Eskort.

Practicing sustainable and responsible farming makes us a trusted source of pork. Not only do we pride ourselves in the humane treatment of our animals, but we also take pride in the quality of the pork we produce in order to match the S.A.F.E standard that has been cultivated by our partners at Eskort.


Our unrivalled commitment to pork product quality is brought to life by Eskort’s new S.A.F.E standard

‘Sustainable’ will be how your farm strives to be environmentally Sustainable.


‘Accountable’ will be how your farm holds itself accountable, a rarity in today’s business world.


‘Farm to Fork’ will be the processes, standards and practices you adhere to to ensure traceability and local support when producing your pork.


‘Excellence’ is how your farm maintains and delivers excellence through its farming practices and quality standards.


When you align our high standards and world-class processes to Eskort’s S.A.F.E standard, the result is a Gold Standard in pork. The objective of S.A.F.E is to build a quality measure for the pork industry. This ensures that the consumer is assured of sustainable farming practices and allows us to hold ourselves accountable for the production of our pork –  from farm to fork.